Benefits of Working With Us

Working With Us ResourcesClients come to us for various reasons, but usually their initial priority is for investment reasons. They may not understand their current investments. They want better investment performance. They may not have a good and trusting relationship with their current advisor. They want a comprehensive plan, which would give them greater comfort. They may want an advisor who has the expertise to look over all aspects of their financial lives, to provide them greater security.

We provide our clients with investment expertise, with a rational and understandable philosophy that has a very solid long-term track record.

Beyond investments, our clients value that we assist them in organizing and managing their various resources. This may mean:

  • Consolidating investments that may be held at many different financial advisors or multiple mutual fund companies. This improves their understanding of what they own and simplifies their life.
  • Analyzing various insurance policies that they have acquired over the years. With our national affiliate, we can assist in reviewing their insurance policies with the goal of understanding them and determining if there are more cost-effective solutions.
  • Guiding clients through the estate planning process. We help them define and clarify their goals. We then accompany them in meeting with their estate planning attorney, to ensure that their objectives are put into place in the actual estate planning documents.
  • Functioning as someone’s “Chief Financial Officer,” by assisting them in whatever financial matters they are dealing with.

Quality Decisions

A key aspect in working with our firm is the conversations that we have with our clients.

  • The greater the conversations that we have, the better the quality of the advice and the deeper the relationship.
  • It is through significant conversations that we can provide outstanding financial advice, whether it is for your initial asset allocation or in assisting a grandmother in providing for a prepaid college tuition plan for a grandchild.
  • Quality decision-making and advice are provided after great conversations, so that we fully understand the client’s needs and desires. After these conversations, then we can assist with diverse matters such as:
    • what type of mortgage to obtain
    • how best to fund a college education
    • how to structure the assets that one plans to leave to family members and charitable organizations after one dies
    • what is the best way to fund a retirement plan for a consultant or self-employed individual

We feel your financial education is important.

  • Understanding our investment strategy will provide you the discipline necessary to adhere to your investment plan during good and bad financial markets.
  • Our conversations are important. We meet and talk with you a number of times before we begin to invest. We answer your questions whenever you have them.
  • Some of our most important client conversations were during the difficult financial markets of 2008-2009, when we met with clients to openly discuss their concerns and fears. These conversations enabled our clients to stick with their plans and not panic.