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Blog #488

Cost of NOT staying in the market We have often talked about the importance of staying in the market. Think long-term. Stick with it, through the good and bad markets, to reap the long-term benefits that investing in stocks can provide. It can be hard to remain invested in stocks (appropriate to your personal stock […]

Opportunity, Faith and Optimism

Blog post #486 Opportunity, Faith and Optimism Next weekend, we celebrate the annual 4th of July holiday. We should be thankful every year for the freedom and opportunities which our country provides to so many of us, but this year has even more significance, compared to the state of the country last year. The US […]

Inflation: Our thoughts

Blog post #485 The headlines are everywhere….inflation is rising. The US Labor Department reported on Thursday that consumer inflation climbed “strongly in May, surging 5% from a year ago, to reach the highest annual inflation rate in 13 years.”* We want to address a few of the issues surrounding inflation and the impact this issue […]

Conversations You Should Have

Blog post #484 Hopefully many of you will gather with your family or extended families this Memorial Day weekend. The discussions at these gatherings are generally the same: updates on kids, grandchildren and relatives, health, politics, sports, food and restaurants. We can even include future travel plans this year! In most families, however, the topic […]

The Benefits of Small, Value and Patience

Blog post #483 Since our firm was founded in 2003, we have been strong believers in holding widely diversified portfolios, with significant exposure to factors that have historically provided greater expected returns. In practice, this means building client portfolios with additional weighting of small company asset classes, as well as to value stocks, both in […]