Opportunity, Faith and Optimism

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Opportunity, Faith and Optimism

Next weekend, we celebrate the annual 4th of July holiday. We should be thankful every year for the freedom and opportunities which our country provides to so many of us, but this year has even more significance, compared to the state of the country last year.

The US has much to be proud about. The scientific innovations and efforts to develop the Covid vaccines, as well as the vast distribution efforts, have enabled much of our country to return to normalcy. However, like most other countries, companies, institutions and individuals, there is room for improvement. We can all strive to be better.

We should be grateful for the incredible thoughtfulness and priorities of our country’s core, guiding principles in the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

We should celebrate capitalism and the opportunity that it has provided to so many of us.

We should celebrate innovators of all types, as well as the people who protect and serve our nation, both past and present.

Having faith and being optimistic about the future are some of the key ingredients to the success of our country, as well as for each of us individually. These are key characteristics that we think are vital in striving to be successful long-term investors.

You must have faith in the future and be rationally optimistic to handle the ups and downs of the stock market. You must have a positive long-term view of the ability of companies to innovate and respond to challenges that continually arise, many of them unexpected.

We should celebrate the freedom of many of the choices that we have, including the freedom to get an education, choose a career (or a few of them), earn, save, spend, take risks and invest money freely, without the government controlling each of our actions.
We hope that you celebrate and reflect upon the vast freedoms, choices and opportunities which our country enables us to have.

If you are sometimes overwhelmed by all these financial choices, you know that you can rely upon our firm to help guide and advise you in making sound financial decisions.

We hope you enjoy the 4th of July holiday weekend with your family and friends!


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