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When you work with our firm, we want you to feel like “we have your back.” We are looking out for you.

If you use a personal trainer or need a physical therapist, he or she will guide you. They will teach you how to do an exercise properly, so you get the maximum benefit and not injure yourself. They will develop a plan for you, monitor it and encourage you so you can get the results that you desire.

First, you must select a trainer or physical therapist that is best for you. And they are not all alike!

The same goes with selecting a financial advisor.

We provide valuable services and advice to you and your family.

We develop a financial plan for you. We monitor it regularly. We rebalance your accounts as needed. We provide you with discipline, so you don’t take on too much risk (if markets rise) or buy low, when markets decline. And we don’t just do this once a year. We do it as needed, which can be much more beneficial to you.

We recommend tax-managed mutual funds for your taxable accounts, which strive to reduce taxable distributions. We pro-actively monitor your accounts for tax-loss selling when markets decline. This also saves you taxes.

We look for things that you may not have thought of or implemented on your own. A second set of eyes, like a medical second opinion, can be worthwhile. When we review 401(k) plan choices, we frequently find that those accounts are not invested in a way that are aligned with your risk tolerance or adequately diversified.

All these are ways we provide you with competence in our advice.

We provide you with coaching and support to help you stay in the market, as we did this winter, when Covid hit.

We can save you time and provide you with convenience by simplifying your financial matters. We can help you tackle tough issues, such as estate planning.

We also provide you with continuity. As we learn about your goals and wishes, we can help preserve your legacy. We can support and protect those people and organizations who you care about if anything happens to you.

A number of clients have named members of our firm as Trustees in their estate plans, to help ensure that their wishes are carried out. Not all financial advisory firms are willing to provide this vital role, but we are honored to do so.

We also provide continuity through our firm, as we have had minimal turnover. Keith and Brad have worked together for over 20 years, since before this firm was founded in 2003. With our firm, you will know your advisors and support staff, and know they will be here for you in the future.

Choosing a financial advisor is one of the most important decisions you can make.

Talk to us. We want to listen. We want to assist you, your family members and friends.

Source:  *27 Principles Every Investor Should Know, by Steven J. Atkinson (Illustrations by Dan Roam) July 2019


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