What’s your end goal?

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Do you have goals you are trying to reach? These goals could include fitness, financial or be health related.

Once you have these goals in mind, do you adjust your lifestyle to accommodate or reach these goals?

I decided to set a goal to run at least 1 mile without stopping. Once that goal was reached, I moved on to run at least 2 miles without stopping. While this may not seem like a huge milestone to you, it was for me. I have been running outside all summer as part of my exercise routine and will keep running outside until the temperatures prevent me from doing so.

I have never liked running. It was like this phrase, if you see me running, you should too because something is probably chasing me! All joking aside, we can all set intentions to reach our goals.

It takes perseverance to keep pushing toward our goals. Perseverance is doing something regardless of the difficulty or delay in achieving success.

Just like running, building your wealth is a commitment and needs a solid strategy. Think of investing as a marathon and not a sprint.

Along with running, I also lift weights and train with an app called Volt athletics. It gives me weekly functional fitness workouts with weight and rep instructions. I also use a fitness tracking app, Whoop, to keep track of my activity strain and calories burned. This app also helps me know my body better by balancing daily recovery, strain and sleep and should help me better perform during my workouts. These apps assist me with my fitness goals, just as a financial advisor (WWM) helps you with reaching your financial goals.

I love this quote that Brad sent me from a Peloton instructor. “Working out is not like Amazon Prime, you don’t get results delivered in 2 days.” This is very true. It takes WORK and a long time to achieve many of our goals. Just like saving or investing takes discipline. It doesn’t happen overnight. You set goals that you want to reach along or at the end of your financial roadmap.

I have a long way to go to reach my goals. It is never a straight line to get there. There will be failures and successes along the way, like stock market ups and downs. But it is important to start, even if you start exercising 20 minutes a day or save a small amount of every paycheck. If you start small and build on your achievements/savings, you will make progress towards your goals, whatever they are.

I had MANY failed attempts along the way. But I kept working and recently accomplished running 3 straight miles! We can reach our goals if we continue to look forward to what we want to accomplish.

Running 3 miles didn’t happen overnight and I didn’t do it alone.  My husband runs with me and encourages me along the way.  Just like WWM is there to support you, our clients, along your financial journey.



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