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You must make many financial decisions during your life.

Some of these decisions are straightforward.

But many financial decisions or issues can be complex. Often, you may lack adequate information or the specialized skills necessary to make a fully informed decision. There is uncertainty. Laws changes. The financial markets and the world changes.

At what age should you begin to collect Social Security benefits? 62? 65 or 66? Or wait until age 70?

For many decisions and issues, there may not be one, perfect answer. Reaching a decision may depend on various facts, circumstances, judgments and assumptions.

In many cases, these types of decisions can be overwhelming. What you desire to be a rational, logical decision may really be partly an emotional decision. Or it may be an emotional issue, but you want to make a rational decision.

Should you pay off your mortgage early? Should you refinance from a 30-year mortgage to a 15-year mortgage?

When you first became a client, or if you are a prospective client, you most likely come to our firm because you want investment guidance and advice. And we will provide you with that.

Over time, most of our clients come to realize that we can provide you with far more than just investing advice. We help you find solutions to your other financially related issues, questions and concerns.

Our relationship usually begins with planning around investments. What is an appropriate allocation to stocks, based on your family’s goals and needs? Do you need to take more or less risk to meet your various goals? How should your investments be structured for the short and long term?

But at some point in the future…..questions arise…….

Do you need to have life insurance? What kind? Whole life or term life insurance? How much is necessary and what is most cost effective?

Later in life, you may ask if life insurance is even still necessary.

One of the most satisfying aspects of the relationships we have with our clients is to assist them with all these financially related issues. We have decades of financial experience, which you benefit from. Brad and Keith are both CPAs, with over 70 years of combined financially related client experiences. Our Associate Wealth Advisor, Bradford Newsome, is a Certified Financial Planner with over 10 years of helping clients with all kinds of financial matters. We also have resources and access to top financial planning experts within our back-office firm and others, to help work through these issues.

We want to help you. We strive to provide you with much more than just investment advice.

Should you have a long-term care policy? Does it make sense for you and your family?

What is the best way to fund a college education?

How should we save for retirement? How much do we need to save? How do we pick between all the 401(k) choices?

One of the most important roles that we can provide as your advisor is to help you deal with these issues. We can help you with matters which are frequently emotional or complex, so that you can make decisions more rationally.

Throughout our relationship, we encourage you to talk to us about financial issues that are important to you and your family, beyond just your investments.

We provide you with guidance, so you can meet your goals, deal with uncertainty and have a greater sense of comfort and security. We can provide you with guidance, to help you make better decisions. We can teach and explain things to you in an understandable manner. We can save you time and help you to be more organized. We can help you deal with financial complexity, so you can focus on other things that matter to you.

It all starts with a conversation and a good relationship. We are ready to talk with you.

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