A Consistent Philosophy Matters

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“The important thing about a philosophy is that you have one you can stick with.”

–David Booth, Founder and Chairman of Dimensional Fund Advisors (DFA)

Having a core set of beliefs, or a philosophy, is vital to many aspects of your life.

Having a set of beliefs and a philosophy that is logical is especially important when it comes to investing. Having a philosophy that you believe in and can stick with can help you deal with the uncertainties and volatility that come with investing.

The purpose today is not to detail our investment philosophy and beliefs.

The purpose today is to remind you that we make decisions and provide you with advice within a sound and logical framework that we have used since we started our firm in 2003.

While we make changes and adapt to the ever-changing financial world, our overall core beliefs are still the same.

Doing the opposite, such as trying to predict the market’s moves every few months would be almost impossible. Trying to predict the next hot sector or geographic region would be an endless guessing game. Being market timers or trying to predict which money manager will be the best for the next few years seems like unproductive efforts to help meet your long-term financial goals.

Having a long-term philosophy enables us to be disciplined in our decision making. This enables us to have confidence. This enables us to provide you with the financial advice you need.

This enables us to help you stick with your long-term financial plan, even through difficult times and ones of great uncertainty.

We hope this provides you with confidence. We hope this provides you with a greater sense of comfort and security.

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