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It seems like ages ago, but our third blog post of 2020 was called “Hope is Not a Plan.” I wrote that around January 15th.

In that post, I wrote that “Hope means that you want and desire something to happen in the future. But hope, on it’s own, implies that you cannot influence the outcome.”  My point was that planning was critical, and maybe more important than hope.

I realize now that I may have been at least partially wrong, as we all need hope. Now more than ever.

Wednesday, I read an email newsletter from Ari Weinzweig, one of my favorite business leaders, entrepreneur and author, who is co-founder of Zingerman’s Deli and Community of Businesses, based in Ann Arbor, MI.

In his Zingerman’s Guide to Good Leading Book 4, The Power of Beliefs in Business, as well as the newsletter, Weinzweig wrote about the 6 elements of hope in what he refers to as the “Hope Star.” These elements are:

  1. Help people see a better future.
  2. Help people see how they might get to that future.
  3. Show people how much they matter.
  4. Help people see how much their work matters.
  5. Help people see how small steps are the keys to success.
  6. Show people how they fit into a larger whole.

These concepts are on leadership and business but are applicable to all facets of life.

It is clear that we all need hope. Hope can be valuable. As Ari wrote in his newsletter, “when we all do these six things, hope levels go up. And that when hope levels improve so too does the quality of work, leadership effectiveness, learning and even personal health.”**

In our work with our clients, we strive to help each of you “see a better future,” even during times of economic downturns or difficulties in your personal lives. We are there for you, in good times and bad.

We have often described our investment attitude as being “rational optimists” and that is key, as it involves being hopeful, as well as being rational, and not emotional, in making decisions.

We want to play a key role in understanding your hopes and planning with you, so we can help you get to that future you hope for.

We realize that our work is important, and we take it very seriously. One of the reasons that we write this blog every week is so that you hear from us regularly, regardless of what is going on in the world.

As Ari points out in #5, small steps are the keys to success.

  • Each smart decision that you make.
  • The conversations, meetings and emails that we have.
  • Talking about your plans and intentions, as that increases the likelihood of them occurring.
  • The planning we do. The decisions we make.
  • Each time you save, invest and focus on the long term.
  • Adherence to our investment philosophy.
  • Your decision not to panic, when others might be.
  • Your decision to be positive and have hope.

These are all small steps that lead you to a hopeful and better future.

Weinzweig wrote about leaders. You can insert financial advisor and get the same result. “As leaders, our job is to make sure that people realize that all the little things they do every day add up to big results….It helps keep us going when the going gets tough….It may be hard to see in the moment, but in the long run, it adds up to big things.”***

Weinzweig also wrote this, which truly applies today. “I hope that tomorrow can be better than today; that our work will make a difference; that if we work hard and go after greatness, good things will happen. I hope that we can contribute positively to our emotional, intellectual, and financial improvement, and that of others around us.”****

We hope that our firm can provide the same things!

Special offer…courtesy of Ari Weinzweig, any of our clients or readers may use the code COMMUNITY2020 for 25% off of any of the books, pamphlets or digital learning at ZingTrain.com.  The 6 points of hope, discussed above, is Secret pamphlet #45. I highly recommend all their business books.

**Zingerman’s Community of Business Ari’s Top 5 email newsletter, dated April 15, 2020.
*** Weinzweig, Ari. Zingerman’s Guide to Good Leading, Part 4, The Power of Beliefs in Business, 2016, page 330-31.
**** Weinzweig, Ari. Zingerman’s Guide to Good Leading, Part 4, The Power of Beliefs in Business, 2016, page 285.
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