Dealing with Change

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Change can take many forms.

Change can be positive.

Change can be negative.

Change can be something you have control over, such as a decision you make to buy a new house.

Change can be something you have no control over, such as the death of a loved one, changes in the tax law, or stock market increases or decreases.

One of our roles as your financial advisor is to help you cope with change, and to help you make better decisions with many of the issues that usually accompany change.

Along with change usually comes choices and decisions. Often, during times of change, you are faced with many decisions which need to be made. The decisions can be overwhelming, and they frequently need to be made quickly. You benefit from having a financial advisory firm that can and does help you handle these changes and decisions.

As financial advisors, we are always dealing with change, as the financial markets never stay the same. We make decisions and provide advice; we deal with uncertainty and strive to be rational.

However, changes that affect your life frequently begin as some type of personal change. You may be going through a life transition, job change or some other sudden event, whether it is good or bad. And in addition to whatever the change is, it is often accompanied by decisions of all types, forms and paperwork….and usually when you are already overwhelmed with many issues, there may be financial decisions that are related to the change. It’s when change affects you and your family that we can often be the most helpful.

Over recent weeks, we have helped numerous clients deal with all types of decisions that come with change.

We have assisted clients with decisions about moving, housing transactions and relocating.

We have helped, and will continue to help, clients who are dealing with changes caused by new or ongoing health problems in their family. This may require emotional support, answers to questions, and retirement planning earlier than expected.

The financial markets have brought changes to people’s assets, so they have met with us to review if they are on target toward their financial goals, as well as to review if their asset allocation is now appropriate for their family.

Due to the sudden drop in interest rates, we have advised numerous clients with issues regarding mortgages and refinancing. These can be confusing and overwhelming and we have helped clients sort out the process.

We are regularly helping clients and their families deal with the changes caused by aging.

We have provided advice to clients regarding long term care insurance, when to begin taking Social Security, as well as their employer-based retirement accounts such as 401(k)s and rollovers.

We have helped clients deal with the death of parents or loved ones.  We have helped clients handle the settling of their parents’ estates and the inheritances which they have received.

We can be a source of stability, who our clients know they can rely on to help them in times of need, as well as with decisions brought upon by good events in their lives.

When you are faced with changes and decisions, we are here for you.  Let us know how we can help you.

If you have friends or other family members who are experiencing some type of change, and could benefit from our advice, please put them in contact with us.

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