Purpose and goals

We may underperform a major benchmark, the S&P 500*, this year, or in some other years.

We may outperform a major benchmark, the S&P 500, this year, or in some other years.

However, beating the S&P 500 every year is not our goal.

Our goal and purpose is to provide you advice and financial recommendations suited to your personal needs.

Our goal is to help ensure that you have adequate financial resources for you and your family’s lifetime.

For many clients, our purpose may be to help provide you with an annual income stream to live off of for the rest of your lives. This is a real and very important goal.

This goal, that you have adequate funds to live the life you desire, is accomplished over years and decades. It is not determined by whether we beat the S&P 500 this year or not.

If your primary financial goal is to conserve or maintain your investment portfolio for years and possibly decades, for yours and future generations, we can advise you so this goal can be accomplished.

The key is that focusing on beating a specific benchmark is not how you accomplish these goals.

You are most likely to succeed in accomplishing these goals by working with a financial advisory firm (like ours), doing comprehensive planning, being disciplined and utilizing a consistent and proven investment philosophy.

Succeeding financially and meeting your goals is complicated.  You have to know how to react to the markets ups and downs, the impact of constantly changing tax laws, handle uncertainty and the constant barrage of news, opinions and predictions.  We help you deal with all these complexities.

We intentionally structure your portfolio to be very different than the S&P 500, as academic evidence has shown that over long time periods, a globally diversified portfolio outperforms the S&P 500, with less volatility.

Investing and financial advice can have many goals and purposes.

We want to understand your goals. We want to help you succeed financially, so you can reach your goals. That is our purpose. 

Talk to us. We have a proven approach that works.
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