What we know and don’t know

We focus on what we know, which is what we can control.

We know that good long term performance is highly correlated to lower costs, so we utilize very low cost asset class mutual funds.

We don’t know the future of a single stock, the exact direction of interest rates, the future price of oil or how the current trade tariff issue will play out, so we don’t try to make bets or guesses with your money about these things.

We know that the vast majority of money managers and mutual funds do not outperform their benchmarks. We know that when clients transfer money to our firm from their former advisors, they are usually transferring in accounts or mutual funds that have failed to keep up with benchmarks over time.

We don’t know how innovation will affect specific companies or industries, so we don’t try to make bets on specific companies or sectors.

We do know that owning a broadly diversified portfolio will enable you to benefit from innovation and the growth of companies that successfully evolve and handle change over time.

We do know that over the long term, investing in a globally diversified stock portfolio has been rewarding.

We do know that investing in a diversified manner, with our investment strategy and philosophy, will help prevent big mistakes.

We know that we act in your best interest. We know that brokers and financial consultants at major brokerage firms and banks do not adhere to this same high standard. We know that our higher standard does make a real difference to the benefit of our clients.

We do know that having a consistent investment philosophy makes sense.

We know that having a consistent long-term investment philosophy which our clients can understand should help them to be more confident and comfortable about their future.

We do know that working with a financial advisor can be very valuable.

If you are not yet a client, we know that we can provide value to you and your family, in all kinds of different ways.

Talk to us.

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