Uncertainty and Financial Planning

The future is always uncertain.

A simple concept. But it can be difficult to live with and can make financial planning challenging.

However, a close relationship with a skilled and trusted financial advisory firm can reduce your concerns and anxiety about future uncertainty.

Our role as a financial advisor is to assist you, through conversations, information and analysis you can clearly understand, so you can effectively deal with the realities of investing and your future. We want you to be able to live (and sleep) comfortably with the uncertainties of the financial world.

If you want to benefit from the rewards of the stock market, you will always have to deal with uncertainty. You will have to become comfortable with volatility. Our diversified, rationale and understandable investment strategy can help you deal with investment uncertainty.

We are pleased that we have clients who tell us they have been able to experience market ups and downs without worry. This tells us we have succeeded in helping them.

Uncertainty can take various forms, depending on what occurs in your life as well as in the world.

Let’s look at retirement. For many people, this is a potential source of uncertainty and anxiety.

Consider all the unknowns. You don’t know how long you or your spouse will live. You don’t know what future investment returns will be. You don’t know what your cost of living will be and how much it will increase every year. You don’t know what health care or senior living costs you will incur. You may want, or need to, assist your children or grandchildren in the future.

How can you resolve all of these issues and uncertainties?

We provide information, starting points. Understanding. Have discussions. Run projections. Evaluate different options, such as when you will retire and when to begin taking Social Security.

We work through these issues and factors with you. Over time, we analyze your sources of income, your assets and other variables and prepare financial projections. Through discussions and meetings, you will develop greater comfort and confidence….and have less stress about your retirement planning. You will get more comfortable dealing with the uncertainty of the future.

No matter what stage of life you are at, you will face financial decisions which we can assist you with. We can help you make better and more informed decisions, even in a world filled with uncertainty.

We can help you with your 401(k) investment selections. We can advise you on house decisions and mortgage options. As you save for college for a future generation, as a parent or grandparent, we can guide you on the best saving methods and investment choices (and there are many).

We integrate tax planning with investment management. This is a unique strength of our firm, as we are CPAs as well as experienced financial advisors.

As you get older, we help you deal with estate planning laws, which are frequently changing. What happens to your money and other assets in the future is vital and we have worked closely with many clients in this area. We provide significant value to clients in helping them with their estate planning and charitable giving.

If we advise the future generations of your family with their investments, you will have the additional sense of comfort of knowing that their investments are being well managed, now and in the future.

The financial world is continually changing. Tax laws change. Investments are inherently uncertain and volatile. We strive to provide you with advice and guidance so that you can effectively deal with all these forms of uncertainty.

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