Legacy and Change

What kind of legacy will you leave?

What kind of legacy will you leave your children and grandchildren? Will it be different than today? In what way?

Legacy can mean a gift you give to family members, people or organizations, for their future benefit. It is generally thought of as financial, but it can be much more than just financial. A legacy is anything passed from one generation to the next. Your ideas, stories, beliefs and life lessons can be an important form of your legacy.

All of these begin with conversations.

Will you talk to your family members about your own legacy? Share your stories?

Will you share your values and ideals with your descendants, your family members?

Will you talk to family members and friends about the good and bad financial decisions you made? There are troves of lessons to be shared. Future generations need to hear your stories, experiences and advice.

Will you tell your family members how a coach, friend, teacher or financial advisor had a huge, positive impact on your life….which may also result in having a major impact on theirs?

For example, if we as your financial advisory firm have had a vital impact in your financial well-being, should you share this with the next generations of your family?

If you will be passing down a significant financial legacy to your heirs, are they prepared to handle these funds? Should you take the steps now to work with us….to begin working with your heirs?

If you have conversations with your family members or next generations, would you leave a stronger legacy? We think so.

Would it make a difference in their lives, as well as yours?

Yes, it would.

And if you are younger, will you ask your older relatives some of these questions? You will be amazed by the discussions you will have. We can’t wait to hear about them.

Try it. What do you have to lose by starting a conversation about something important….past or future?

This is how we learn, evolve and change for the better.

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