Keeping my major commitment (business and personal)

In June, 2014, I made a decision.

I decided three years ago that I would write a weekly blog post that we would email to our clients and others.

Not every once in a while. Not when I felt like it.

I committed to write and publish EVERY WEEK.

I have been disciplined. I have made the time to write. I have written an article almost every week for three years.

Prior to this, I had written over 145 blog posts between 2009 and April, 2014, but only on a sporadic basis.

Why do I feel this is one of the most important things I do as a financial advisor?

By writing weekly, we are able to communicate in a very timely and regular manner to our clients. We are able to convey and reinforce our investment philosophy, principles and beliefs in real time.

Reading these blog posts regularly, you should have greater clarity about your investments. You should have more confidence in our philosophy, especially when the financial markets are challenging. Hopefully, you better understand the benefits of being rationally optimistic, focusing on the long-term and on what you can control, rather than on the day-to-day news and market volatility.

I am convinced that we are better financial advisors because I am writing these weekly blog posts. We are passionate about being excellent advisors. Writing makes me think. We are more aware of the questions and issues our clients raise, as these are likely future blog topics. We are more curious. We research topics to provide information which will be useful to you. I am a continual learner and voracious reader. My reading often turns into content to share with you.

Writing these blog posts every week takes time and discipline. Writing and self-editing generally takes a few hours each week. Additionally, others in the firm edit, review and put them into final form to email to you and add them to the firm’s website.

We think these weekly blog posts are valuable. We hope you find them informative and help you to be more educated about your investments and the constantly changing financial world.

Do I plan to continue writing these blog posts every week in the future?

Absolutely yes! Even though they are sometimes written in the evenings, on planes or in hotel rooms, I feel these emails have become a vital aspect of what WWM uniquely provides to our clients. While these blog posts do not replace personal meetings and phone calls, they are a way to regularly communicate with you.

We are providing clarity, advice and information on a weekly basis. These are not canned pieces written by analysts in New York who do not know you. When a major stock market event occurs or a tax law is proposed, I expect to write about it within days and hope that you appreciate receiving our thoughts in a very timely manner.

What is a major lesson I have learned by writing on a weekly basis?

A number of years ago, I participated in the Strategic Coach program for entrepreneurs, founded by Dan Sullivan. He introduced a concept called the 4C’s: commitment, courage, capability and confidence.

When I committed to writing every week, it took courage.  I didn’t know if I would be able to do this.  I didn’t know if I would have the discipline or ability.  I enjoyed writing earlier in my life as a high school newspaper editor.  The weekly commitment gave me structure, which led to developing greater capability.  The more blog posts I completed, the greater my confidence has grown.

Dan Sullivan’s 4C’s is a great concept for achieving bigger goals, taking on new challenges or making a significant change in your life.  For me, this circle of the 4C’s has proven to be extremely effective and applicable.

This concept also applies to each you, our clients. At one time each of you made the decision to work with our firm as your financial advisor. This took courage and commitment. It was likely a significant change for you. As you become more comfortable with our capabilities, your confidence in our advice and philosophy will grow.

Thank you for reading!


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