My 2017 New Year’s Resolution

You are reading my New Year’s Resolution, which is to continue writing these blog posts / essays every week.

I have been writing these blog posts on a weekly basis since June, 2014. I wrote 51 of them in 2016.

Writing these essays is important for many reasons.

Writing regularly makes us better advisors. Knowing that I am writing an essay every week makes me more aware and focused on what is going on in the financial world, so that I can communicate about relevant topics to you and provide better advice.

My intention is that through these essays, our investment philosophy is reinforced and explained to you, especially as real world events occur. We can explain how current events and financial market changes impact you and our decision making.

These essays should educate and inform you. Reading them regularly should make you a better long-term investor. My hope is that through my writing and your reading of these essays, you will be better prepared to handle the financial markets when they are challenging.

These essays are also becoming a historical real-time record of our thoughts and advice. You can read all of our past blog posts on our website,

  • Do you remember that the world’s stock markets dropped suddenly to begin 2016? We wrote about that here, on January 7, 2016.
  • On October 10, 2014, with the S&P 500 almost 20% lower than it is today, and after a large decline, we wrote “Our Investment Outlook.”

It is pretty clear that 2017 will be a year of significant tax changes. Through these weekly blog posts, we will keep you informed in a timely manner about changes which may be relevant to you, as ideas become real legislation.

We think these essays differentiate our firm from many other financial advisory firms. This is not a generic newsletter written by a research analyst in New York whom you have never met. I personally write these essays so they are relevant to our clients and the issues you face and think about.

Writing these essays takes time and effort and discipline. We know it is worthwhile. We hope you agree.


Thanks for reading!


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