Reflections on 2016 and the future

As a year ends, it’s a time to reflect, as well as look forward.

This year has been strong for nearly all stock asset classes, despite some dramatic downturns which occurred earlier in the year.thinking

This year again reminded us that the only certainty is uncertainty.

We recognize the uncertainties in the world and in the financial markets. We recognize that no one has a crystal ball or the ability to predict the future. Thus, as your financial advisor, we must be rational and focus on what we can control, in planning for your future.

We better ourselves as financial advisors by learning from the past. We read, study and understand the financial markets and the successes and failures of others to provide you with better advice and guidance.

We continually encourage you to be rationally optimistic and to focus on the long-term. Doing this will enable you to be happier and financially more successful.

We do not know when the next downturn will occur. We do know there will be temporary declines in stocks, as the broad stock markets of the world continue to move higher and higher.  We want to help you be emotionally prepared for the downturns, in advance. We will be here to help you handle the volatility of the financial markets, when the storms show up.

We are very fortunate for our very loyal clients and the strength of our firm. This was a year of significant growth for our firm. We truly appreciate all of our clients and especially thank those of you who showed their trust in us by referring their friends and relatives.

We are very passionate about what we do. We care. We strive to provide our advice and service with integrity. Our guidance, on all kinds of topics, is always given with your best interest in mind.

We appreciate that so many of you continue to involve us in your lives, to ask us questions about things which are important to you, to help you plan for your future, as well as to deal with the difficult issues and events which challenge each of our lives at times. All of these various conversations are important and we appreciate the trust you have in us.

As we start a new year, we hope that 2017 is healthy and happy for you and your family.

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