The next stock market move

It could be up.

It could be down.

For down stock markets, the question is not if, but when.

Stock markets will go down. You have to fully accept this reality.

But this is the KEY:

          Down stock markets are only temporary.

The stock market goes down frequently. Sometimes the declines are short and don’t hurt much.

Sometimes the declines are long and painful. These are the hard ones to endure and are the times when we, as your financial advisor, can be most valuable.

Worldwide stock markets have always gone back up. Downturns get recovered. New highs are reached.

Since the declines are temporary on a long-term upward move, new historical highs will be reached.

New market highs are not an if, but a when.

We don’t know when new market highs will be reached, but we know they will be.

Many times and at higher and higher levels.

You need the patience and confidence to reap the rewards that the financial markets can provide.

And we can help you have the confidence and ability to reap these rewards, as you plan for your financial future.

So remember, declines are temporary. This will be valuable advice again in the future.

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