Does your financial advisor….

….use a consistent and understandable strategy for investing?

….develop a relationship with you that helps to reduces your financial stress?

….help you feel more confident and financially secure? And especially about retirement planning and withdrawal strategies?

….provide you financial advice in many areas beyond just investing?

….realize that over many decades, small and value stocks outperform large company and growth stocks? Does your portfolio reflect this?

….own the same general type of investments that you are invested in?

….accept that you cannot time the financial markets and cannot predict in advance which money manager will consistently outperform others in the future, so their strategy is based on these concepts?

….explain their fees in a detailed and transparent manner, as well as the fees of any investments that they recommend?

….strive to minimize and reduce your taxes by using tax-managed mutual funds and take pro-active steps throughout the year, and not just at year end?

….always make recommendations which are in your best interest (as a fiduciary)? If you have an account with a bank or major brokerage firm, the answer is most likely NO and this really matters.

….lead by example and walk the talk, by having their own succession plan in place (planning) and by using a computer password management program?

….take the time and effort to write their own weekly essay to clients, to communicate with you?


If you are a WWM client, the answer to all of the above questions is YES.

If you are not a WWM client, YOU have some questions to consider. We welcome the opportunity to talk to you.


As next week is Thanksgiving, the weekly email will be sent on Wednesday, November 23, not on Friday. 

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