Inspired, Positive and Helping

Our clients’ interest comes first. Always.

Trust. Transparency. Being a fiduciary.

Learning to be a better listeners and communicators. Being authentic and present.

Life is not perfect, but we are fortunate to live in the US. We should be much more positive about the future, despite all the negativity which surrounds us.


These were some of the major themes at the 2016 BAM Alliance Annual Conference, which I attended earlier this week, for the 14th straight year.Attending this conference every year reinvigorates and motivates me. It reassures me that we are doing the right thing, in the right way, for our clients.

We all should be prepared for the unexpected. Unexpected events will occur, some of which can be major and life changing. How each of us prepares for, and how we handle these situations, can have a significant impact on our future. We can help you with this.

You need a team around you. A support system. Trusted advisors. Friends. Partners. Relationships.

We have great long-term business partners, such as:

  • DFA (the 6th largest mutual fund company in the US with over $445 billion in assets under management, whose stock funds we use extensively),
  • BAM Advisor Services, our back-office firm, and
  • Fidelity Investments, the custodian for most of our client accounts.

We are proud that we selected each of these firms and our investment philosophy in 2003. These very important decisions have withstood the test of time and challenging financial markets.

We are truly grateful and appreciative of the clients and relationships we have developed.

We are always continuing to learn and improve ourselves, for your benefit. That is why attending conferences like these are so valuable.

One of the most moving speakers I have ever heard was John O’Leary, who survived a horrendous fire which he set when he was 9 years old. on-fire-book

That he is alive and thriving is almost unbelievable. He has taken this unexpected, life changing event and turned it into a transformative experience, which he shares with others.

John now motivates others to have more inspiring, meaningful and impactful lives. Because a number of people showed up, cared and took action in the days and months after his tragic fire, he reminds each of us that one person, one action, one decision and one right relationship can make a real difference.

John challenged each of us to ask the following question everyday…..

What more can I do to help you (and others), to ensure that you (and others) have a better tomorrow and a better future?
How can our firm help you to have a better tomorrow and a better future?

For more information on John O’Leary, please see and his book, On Fire. I have not yet read the book, but plan to do so in the near future.
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