Every client of our firm had to make a change to become a client.

They had to decide to leave another advisor to become a client of our firm or decide it was in their best interest to have us as their first financial advisor.

We know that many changes can be difficult and stressful. Important changes and decisions are not easy. We are truly grateful and appreciative of our clients who have made the choice to work with us.

Deciding to try a new restaurant, TV show or to watch a movie has only short term implications. At most, you will have a good or bad few hours. Life goes on.

Other changes are more complicated and have much greater impact. Where should you live? What house to buy? Should you change jobs or when should you retire? Should you buy a second home? How much life insurance should you have?

One of my mentors, Dan Sullivan, founder of Strategic Coach, has a four step process for dealing with change and decisions, called the 4 C’s.

Commitment: To commit can be scary. You have to evaluate many factors in making difficult decisions and it is likely you may not be 100% sure of your decision. There may be rational factors and emotional feelings, which you have to contemplate and balance. Even if you were referred to us by a close friend or relative, you may meet with us, feel comfortable with us as people and our firm’s philosophies and principles, but you still have to take a leap of faith and commit to the decision, to make the change.

Courage: To make a decision to change takes courage. Even after you make a decision and change, it takes courage to stick with your decision and to get comfortable with that change. It takes a while for an investment plan to be implemented and to experience the ups and downs of the financial markets with your new advisor. Trust is built between a client and the advisory firm over time.You have to have the courage to maintain the relationship and trust the decision that you made.

Capability: As you develop a relationship with us, you will gain capabilities. When we meet, you will ask questions and we will talk. You will develop the capability to be resilient and to better handle the volatility of the financial markets. You will realize that because you had the courage and commitment to make a change, you have a financial advisor that you can rely on when the stock markets seems scary or you have financial issues, questions or concerns. You are not alone.

Confidence: Through our relationship and over time, you will gain confidence in yourself and your financial future. You will gain confidence in our investment approach and advice. You will be confident that our advice is only in your best financial interest, as we have a fiduciary responsibility (which brokers do not have).You will benefit from our adherence to a consistent strategy, which is appropriate for the long-term and we have used since our firm was founded in 2003. By focusing on what each of us can control and what matters, you will gain confidence. You will be comforted and have a greater likelihood of financial success by having an advisory firm which does not rely on guessing about individual stock picking and market timing.

  • Reading our weekly blogs will increase your confidence, as they provide information, analysis, thoughts and very timely advice in response to current events and changes in the world.

If you are a long-time client, you have developed the commitment, capabilities and confidence in our firm, as well as the courage to follow our financial advice through volatile financial markets.

If you became a client more recently, you will develop these skills and trust in our advice. We want you to talk with us before you make any major financial decision, even if it is not directly investment-related.

If you are not yet a client of our firm, we hope this blog post is helpful for you to understand the process of making a significant decision, such as changing your financial advisor. We realize that it takes courage and a commitment to decide to work with a firm you may not know closely, especially if you have worked with a broker for many years. We are willing to invest the time necessary for you to make this courageous decision, which you will be confident and comfortable with in the future.

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