The Important Six Sentence Investment Message

1.  Important investment principles begin with saving, coordinated with good planning, so that you do not run out of money, you can meecarl richards things matter mostt your financial goals and you sleep well at night.

2.  Remaining invested in stocks and not timing the market is important to your financial success, as gains can come in sudden, short spurts and often when you least expect them to occur.

3.  Patience, discipline and diversification are important characteristics of successful investing.

4.  It is important to “expect the unexpected” and not to react to sudden market swings, which unexpected events can cause.

5.  Academic data continues to show the importance of using low cost investments, such as we recommend, as they outperform high cost investments over the long-term.

6.  It is important that you recognize why we do not recommend “reaching for higher yield” by purchasing high-yield (junk) bonds/bond funds, as well as preferred stocks, as they may seem enticing for income but may not be as beneficial in the long-run.

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