How to give yourself the best chance

How do you deal with the unknown?

How do you deal with the future, if you cannot predict it?

Those are realistic questions when it comes to financial planning and your future financial security.

We have an investment philosophy that we think gives you the best chance and opportunity to succeed, given the future is unknown.

First, you have to focus on what you can control.

In investing, this means using low cost investments which provide solid returns. Past performance does not guarantee future results, but there are proven correlations between lower costs and better long-term performance. When we review prospective clients accounts, we almost always see expenses ratios that are far higher than the funds we recommend.

We focus on tax minimization. We utilize very tax efficient mutual funds and actively make trades to save you taxes, throughout the year, not just at year end.

To invest successfully, you have to predict which funds or money managers will be top performers in an unpredictable future. This is hard to do, as the accompanying video clearly shows. We encourage you to watch this short, but very powerful video. Selecting a successful mutual Fund.

We believe in evaluating real evidence and academic research about investing, then applying it for our clients benefit. We don’t believe in crystal balls and chasing the most recent hot performing funds. That is not a winning strategy. Very few mutual funds or money mangers consistently beat their benchmarks, as the accompanying video clearly explains.

The funds we recommend have outperformed most of their competitors in their respective categories, over the long-term. This where our firm differentiates itself from many others, particularly traditional brokerage firm advisors.

We cannot predict the future, but we can develop a personalized investment plan that will give you and your family the best opportunity for financial success, in an unpredictable world.

If you are not already working with our firm, our strategy should provide you with a more secure future than watching your advisor continually moving from fund to fund, with their hopes of being correct “next time.” We have the right strategy for your future, now.

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