Have You Noticed?

think positive



Have you noticed that…………

  • Most broad US stock market indexes have recouped nearly all of the January and February 2016 decline?
    • The media had headlines about the losses earlier this year.
    • Markets have recovered almost back to even for the year since mid-February.
  • Construction for new houses is strong?
    • Construction of new homes rose to a 5 month high in February, led by the biggest increase in single family homes in 9 years.
    • Permits and housing starts are at their highest levels since November 2007.
  • US auto sales increased in February 2016.  Auto sales for 2016 are on pace to equal or exceed the record pace of 2015.
  • If you ignore the negative political rhetoric, real economic data continues to show a strengthening economy and no sign of a near term recession.

We hope that you focus on the facts and not on the negativity of politicians.

This will help you to be more confident and financially secure.


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