Our most important advice

This is NOT the top 10 Financial New Years resolutions you should make for 2016.

This is NOT the typical list of what you should do to improve your financial life.

Instead, I’m listening to the writing advice of my 21 year old son, a college senior.

What is the most important advice we can give someone?

Use a financial advisor who has extensive experience throughout your life. There are a few critical, key decisions that you make in your life. Just as you want a medical specialist handling a serious medical condition; shouldn’t you utilize the advice of an financial expert throughout your life?

You don’t want to make big mistakes, especially with certain issues. Our advice can help prevent you from making major mistakes that may have long term implications for you and your family. However, many times people only realize their mistakes in hindsight. Or they don’t even realize they made a less than optimal decision or action.

By working closely with a financial advisor, you can take the first step in this process. We can identify issues, problems and solutions which you may

 not be aware of. We can make recommendations on big and small matters. We can help you with difficult or important decisions, as well as make something intimidating, like estate planning, easier to deal with and complete. We can also help with small, incremental things, which over the long term of 10-20-40 years, become really important steps to your financial security.

Focus on your future cash flow. We know that as you age, a greater and greater concern is your financial security…. the fear of running out of money. So working with clients to address this issue will be an even greater emphasis for our firm in the future.

We want to help our clients understand and mange not just their investments, but how their financial assets will convert into future cash flows. It is these future cash flows which will support your future desired standard of living. After talking and planning, we will manage your investment portfolio so you can live the life you want, while providing you with a greater level of comfort and security so that you will not run out of money.

Greater longevity, health care costs, uncertainty and volatile stock markets make future planning complex. It is our role to analyze these complicated issues and make them simpler for you.

We cannot promise what the future will bring. We can provide you with greater clarity about complex matters. We can discuss the concerns that you have, so you will have greater confidence in your future.

If this essay resonates with you and you are not currently a client of ours, we welcome talking to you. Years from now this could be the decision or action you view as one of the key decisions you ever made.

If you are a client, please feel free to email this essay to a friend or relative who you think would benefit from talking to us. That small step could be the key, which years from now, they would view as one of the most beneficial things you ever did to help them.

We wish you and your family a happy and healthy 2016!

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