What is normal?

The 3 months ending September 30, 2015 were not pleasant for investors worldwide. This was the first down quarter in over 3 years for major indexes, such as the S & P 500.

Downturns like the past quarter happen nearly every year. They are normal. They are part of investing in stocks.

We focus on continuous learning and conveying important financial information to you. The following data should give you the confidence and courage to adhere to your financial plan and asset allocation. This will contribute to your long term financial success.

While we recommend owning a globally diversified stock portfolio, a review of US large company stocks, as measured by the S & P 500 index, should provide you with this long term confidence.

20 years ago:

S & P 500, as of 9/30/1995:      584

15 years ago:

S & P 500, as of 9/30/00:         1,436

10 years ago:

S & P 500, as of 9/30/05:         1,229

2010 through current:

S & P 500, as of 9/30/10:         1,141

S & P 500, as of 9/30/11:          1,131

S & P 500, as of 9/30/12:         1,441

S & P 500, as of 9/30/13:         1,682

S & P 500, as of 9/30/14:         1,972

S & P 500, as of 9/30/15:         1,920

We hope this helps you to view market volatility as temporary, as a short term issue.The more you focus on the long term, the more successful you will be.

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  1. David Stone says:

    Thanks for the sage advice. We could all use a little reassurance during swings in the market like we are seeing now.



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