Having an Impact

Our firm has an impact on people’s lives. We can influence and affect the future of their life, their children and siblings, as well as the legacy they leave.

The more that we build relationships and trust with our clients, the deeper and broader this impact becomes.

A client gets referred or comes to us for investment planning. This is where it usually starts. Their first priority is to improve their investment portfolio, or to understand their investments. We evaluate the client’s financial situation and determine the appropriate amount of risk they should take. We almost always reduce their overall investment costs. We diversify their stock portfolio and improve the quality of their bonds.

And then, at some point, the topic changes from investing to….

  • They want to discuss how to make significant charitable contributions to organizations that are near to their hearts.
  • They want to know how to fund a child’s or grandchildren’s college education.
  • They want guidance regarding Social Security. How and when should we start to take Social Security? Should we start taking distributions at age 62, 66 or wait until age 70? This decision has a large impact on your financial future.
  • If a client is self-employed, as a consultant for example, they want guidance on how they can make huge annual retirement contributions, so they can save for retirement and reduce their taxes.

It is through these various discussions and meetings that real change and impact can occur.

  • Can you help me with my estate plan? The client knows that their estate plan needs to be reviewed or updated, but is not moving forward and resolving issues. We help through discussions and creative ideas. We assist by clarifying relevant issues and ensure that these are put into their Estate Plan documents.
  • How much life insurance do I need or is our life insurance appropriate? We help them to analyze these issues and reach decisions.
  • Can you review the portfolio that we still have with another broker? The client says they don’t understand what the other investment professional is saying or what they are doing. They tell us that our approach to investing and the discussions they have with us are “understandable.”

As the relationships develop, the conversations grow. And the impact deepens.

  • We advise a client that they can afford to pay off their grandchild’s student loans. This makes the grandmother and granddaughter happy. Both are less stressed when the debt burden is gone.
  • We tell someone it was OK to take that special trip after a loved one was very sick. It is not always about the money. It is about living the life they want, while both are alive. They now have peace of mind that this “luxury” was the right thing to do.

You may meet with us initially about your investments, but we can provide you value in so many more ways. It usually begins with a conversation and we are here to listen. It’s more than investing; we want to make a difference in your life.


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