My New Favorite Quote

A person’s success in life can be measured by the number of uncomfortable conversations he or she is willing to have.

I saw this quote recently, by Tim Ferriss.   The more you think about it, the more powerful this quote is.

What are the uncomfortable conversations you need to have?Carl Richards Sketch - Decisions That Lead to Great Conversations

What are the issues you need to think about? What are the unresolved issues you can work on, if you talked about it with someone?

How could your financial life be better, if you had a conversation?  Even though you may be anxious or worried about it, before the conversation, wouldn’t having the conversation be worthwhile?

What this quote means to us is that the more you actually deal with things that are hard or that you are procrastinating on, the better off you will be.

If you have concerns about your estate planning, you need to talk about it.

If you are worried about your cash flow or whether you will have enough money to live on and maintain your desired lifestyle, then you need to begin a conversation.

Whatever the issue you have, and we all have them, by talking to someone, you will begin the process of dealing with the issue. From that first conversation, however difficult or uncomfortable it may seem ahead of time, you will begin the process of resolving something.

And that is the key. From uncomfortable conversations and confronting things that are hard to deal with, comes progress and solutions.

We are here to have these conversations with you. We want to help you address and resolve whatever issues and concerns you may have. Because once you have these conversations, you will feel better.

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