How Unexpected Events Can Be Positive (Oil Part II)

The unexpected has occurred. The price of oil has plummeted, far lower than anyone thought possible, in a very quick time.

The stock market has reacted in a volatile manner to the movements of the price of oil. This may continue, as the stock market digests the lower price of oil and its various implications.

The price of oil, at around $56 per barrel, will provide winners and losers, both domestically and internationally.

The significant drop in the price of oil (and thus, gasoline), and a reactive decline in US interest rates, are positive developments. In the long run, this will be reflected by global stock markets.

We believe the best long-term strategy to benefit from these developments is to be globally diversified, patient and accept that there will be volatility.

We cannot predict the ups and downs that will occur in the future. At some point, maybe just as suddenly, oil and gas prices will increase. We cannot control this. However, we can provide good planning and a sound investment strategy, so you can reach your financial goals. Carl Richards - current-reality-goal

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