How Changing Your Focus Can Make You Happier

The S &P 500 has been up 61 of the last 83 years, since 1930.

     It has been down in 22 of the years since 1930.

Since 1980, the S &P 500 has been up for 27 of the 33 years.

     It has been down in 6 of the years since 1980.

Regardless of whether this broad index of the US stock market rose or declined for the full year, there has been an average decline of over -14% at some point within a year, since 1980.

This means that while the broad US stock market has risen in many years since 1980, on a calendar year basis it may have still incurred a significant decline within that same year.

This is what we call volatility.

This is why we advise you to focus on the long term, not the daily, monthly and quarterly movements of the stock market.

Focusing on the long term will help you to be happier and calmer about the stock market. And most likely, wealthier!

Note and Source: We recommend investing in a much broader, globally diversified portfolio than just the US based S&P 500. This information is for illustrative purposes only. This S&P annual return data was obtained from the DFA Matrix Book.

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