My Three Words 2014

The “My Three Words” concept is based on blog posts I read by  Chris Brogan. The idea is that rather than set a bunch of New Year’s resolutions, to develop three words for the year that have meaning and context for various aspects of your life and business.

This concept is about taking a step back, evaluating where you are and then looking at where you want to go in the next year(s). This was a great exercise and one I plan to do each year.


Relationships – To strengthen relationships with the key people in my life, particularly my immediate family, relatives and friends, as well as client relationships. I want to develop and improve relationships with those whose lives I can add value to.  I want to spend more time with people who can assist us in furthering our business and in other aspects of my life. Tom Peters said this perfectly in a recent quote:  “All we have, as in all, personally or professionally, is the quality of our relationships!”

 Consistency – I want to be consistent about doing what is most important. I want to be more consistent and committed to routinely doing certain things.  As a result, we will have a better firm and my clients will be better off .  Professionally, this means being more proactive with clients and meeting client commitments in advance. It means developing and adhering to more internal systems, which will make our firm stronger.  It means blogging more regularly.  Personally, it means adhering to goals that I want to do regularly, such as exercising.

 Expert – I want to take steps to be viewed as an expert in our community and possibly nationally. We are truly grateful for the growth of our firm and the clients who have referred us to others.  To continue growing by gaining significant new clients, through referrals or other ways, I/we need to be more recognized as a go-to person/firm in the greater Detroit area and beyond. We will need to explore what this means, how to get there and who can help us.


If this prompts you to consider this “Three Words” exercise, please share it with me, either via the website or email me directly. I would love to see what your “Three Words” are for 2014.


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