How was your investment advice in 2013?

Every year we have provided investment advice, we gain more confidence in our investment philosophy.

As 2013 comes to an end, we are more confident than ever in our investment advice and our approach to providing advice to our clients.

As 2013 began, the focus was on the fiscal cliff (remember that?). There was uncertainly and concern about the economy. Expectations were certainly not for double digit stock market gains.

We have always remained focused on providing long term advice for our clients. We don’t make predications and guess which stock or market sector will outperform. We have structured our clients’ portfolios to be truly globally diversified, with minimal costs and very tax-efficient. And this has worked.

As 2013 ends, we are confident in the continuing economic recovery and in our strategy. We were thrilled that Eugene Fama, one of the academics who did the initial research which provided the basis for our investment strategy, was recognized with the Nobel Prize in Economics this year.

We are positive and optimistic, which is a key to investment success. We recognize that there will be down months and down years. But with good planning and conversations with our clients, they will be prepared for such time periods.

The transition from one year to another one is a time to reflect. It is a time to evaluate what went well and what did not. It is a time to think about how each of us can improve, and how you can improve your financial situation.  Should you be evaluating your relationship with your current advisor? (or how well you do it yourself?)

Have you actually tracked your financial performance? How did you do in 2011? 2012? 2013?  Did you track it against a globally diversified benchmark? Did your financial advisor help you move other matters forward, such as estate planning or insurance coverage?

For many, change can be difficult. Starting new relationships can be very positive. However, you need to take the initiative, to have the courage to take the first step.

We wish everyone a healthy and prosperous 2014.



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