Welcome to our new website!

After months of work, we welcome you to our new website.

We are excited by the new, modern look of our website. We hope you enjoy the sketches that are incorporated throughout, which provide clarity and insight better than words and pretty pictures.

Our previously separate blog is now fully integrated into the website. We look forward to writing more frequently, about investment topics, issues our clients face and planning concepts.

Special thanks to our web designer (and also my son),  Scott Wasserman, for his excellent work, suggestions and creativity.  We would also like to thank Carl Richards, who has provided a unique method of financial clarity with his sketches. We appreciate his creating a sketch for our firm, which is at the top of the Working With Us section of the website.

A few weeks ago, Keith and I attended the BAMAlliance National Conference, where we heard an incredible keynote speech by Seth Godin. He conveyed so many messages in one hour.  Seth focused on connections and relationships, taking risks and the concept of change.  He pointed out how the world is continuously changing and that we (all of us) need to adjust and change as well.  He stressed the importance of being different and bold, in a positive manner.

This website is different than the typical website of most financial advisors and wealth management firms. We think it is different in a very positive way!  We think Seth would like it.  And we hope you do as well.


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