Why I Am Thankful

As we celebrate Thanksgiving, I am thankful for…..


Our clients who have chosen to work with us…who are loyal, trust us and recommend us to others.

Wonderful families that each of us have.

Our good health.

To have won the lottery. Warren Buffett has explained that being born in the US is like winning the lottery, for the opportunity it provides.  While no country is perfect, there is no better place to succeed and live a good life, no matter how each of us defines this. For this, I am truly thankful.

The investment strategy we adopted when we began our firm, which we are more confident in every year. And for the results it has provided to our clients and us.

The business partners we have, who provide us with excellent support and advice throughout the year.

The opportunity to bring a 16 pound book to St. Louis for the BAMAlliance National Conference which enabled me to meet Seth Godin. It was not the autograph which was important, it is the lasting memory and inspiration he provided.

Outstanding medical care. I am so thankful for the incredibly skilled and caring staff of the University of Michigan’s C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital, who performed spinal fusion surgery on my daughter last January.  She is fully recovered and very healthy.

And the health insurance we have to afford this and other medical procedures our families have had this year.

My partner Keith, who trusted me to go on our own and allowed us to focus primarily on wealth management.

Jane, our wonderful and extremely efficient office manager.

The ability to prioritize and value time with our families, which enables each of us to attend our children’s or other relatives’ activities. Also, for each of us to be involved in charitable or other activities which are important and meaningful to us.

Our re-designed website and the creativity of Carl Richards, whose sketches add so much clarity to the advice we provide.

Being an avid reader, Twitter and the connections I have made with people who teach and inspire me so much, including Jason Womack, Lisa Adams, Alan Weiss, Bob Burg, Carl Richards, Seth Godin, Nick Murray and Larry Swedroe.

Being an entrepreneur.  For being willing to take risks to grow a business, to travel to conferences and seminars to learn new things and meet new people. For not being satisfied with the status quo. For striving to always be better.


We hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday and have many things to be thankful for.

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