What if something happens to your Financial Advisor?

Do you work with a financial advisor or stock broker? Do you work with one person, or do you have a relationship with a team of financial advisors?

What if something unexpectedly happens to him or her, or the team?  Have you planned for this? Has your advisor thought how this would impact you, as his client? We have thought about this and we did something about it.

We have a fiduciary responsibility to plan for our clients as well as ourselves. We want our clients to plan and be prepared. They should expect that we would do the same. And we have.

Our firm uses a team approach, so that my partner and I generally meet with most clients. We are both familiar with our clients and their investment strategy. We work together, as it benefits our clients to have both of our input.

If something happens to both of us simultaneously, as unpleasant as this is to consider, we have made arrangements to provide continuity for our clients. We recently completed an agreement with our back office firm, BAM Advisor Services, for them to immediately take over our practice if this were to occur.

While this scenario is very unlikely, this is an example of the kind of forward thinking and coordination we have with BAM. We want to ensure that our clients are provided for in the future. We have confidence in the long term benefits of our investment strategy. We have confidence in BAM, as our partner, that they would take excellent care of our clients.

We have planned for the unexpected, so that our clients can be confident of their future and sleep well at night. Isn’t that what you want from your investment advisor?

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