“August can be a very tricky month. Be Careful.”

As I drove to meet my son for lunch on Monday, a Wall Street analyst on CNBC made the above comment, which I heard while listening on Sirius radio.

Is this a realistic comment? Is this the kind of advice you want from your financial advisor? Is it really helpful?

Do you want planning and recommendations for the long term? Or do you want investment advice focused only on the next month?

Do you want a financial advisor who will advise you with your investments, as well as assist with your estate planning, retirement planning and reducing your taxes? Or do you want predictions and guesses?

Do you want a financial advisor that utilizes a rational investment philosophy that is understandable and provides you with comfort, peace of mind and security? Or do you want an advisor that tries to time the market with unproven forecasts?

We do not know what August will bring. We don’t know what will happen in any future month. Do you?

We do know that we can provide you with comprehensive financial guidance and advice that will be valuable to you and your family. We do know that it will be more valuable years from now than a prediction for the month of August, 2013.

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