Graduation, my son and his impact

My second son, Scott, is graduating from high school next week. While I am obviously very proud of him and his many accomplishments, I have also thought about his impact on me and my firm (and thus, my current and future clients).

Parents teach their children. Children also teach their parents. Scott has taught me many things, and we have learned some things together.

Five years ago, no one would have thought of me as a techie or an early adopter of technology. That is very different today. Thank you Scott, for pushing and encouraging me.

At Scott’s insistence, I was one of the first to get an iPhone, when they were initially introduced. That enabled me to “consume” information in a new and better manner. As a voracious reader of business and news, I could then begin to read the NY Times and Wall Street Journal, whenever and wherever I wanted. Years later, I got an iPad. Now, Instapaper and Good Reader are indispensable apps.

Scott encouraged me to use Twitter years ago. I am not a follower of celebrities. I have used Twitter primarily as a learning tool, to connect with thought leaders in various fields and professions, and well as to meet and establish relationships with people I otherwise would have never met. I have made great business and personal connections, and some very close friends. Also, through “following” these people, I read articles and blog posts they refer and “link” to. This has been invaluable for my personal growth and learning, and it has benefited my firm in numerous intangible ways.

Through Twitter, I connected with individuals, like @michealport and @bobburg. As a result, in 2011, I attended a 3 day seminar with Michael Port. Within weeks of this seminar, my firm implemented a Client Relationship Management (CRM) program. This helps us maintain better information about current and future clients. This is generally an area of weakness in most professional services firm, which we have resolved.

Earlier this spring, I attended a conference sponsored by Bob Burg, another great friend and source of inspiration I met on Twitter. I wrote about this conference in a previous post, dated April 24, 2012: Remarkable Experience. Worthy of an Encore. At this event, I met a number of national speakers, who I now follow and continue to learn from.

Scott and I have also developed a wonderful relationship with @jasonwomack, a thought leader in personal development and time management. Jason Womack is one of the most positive, inspiring people anyone could meet (and I strongly recommend you meet him!). Scott has provided Jason with technology assistance for the past few years. While doing this, Scott has learned business and life lessons that few adults ever learn and absorb, let alone a 17 year old. Scott and I have enjoyed many great and important discussions, initiated by Jason’s podcasts, blog posts and book.

It is important to note that Scott’s relationship with Jason started because Scott was willing to help Jason with a tech question, via Twitter, late one Sunday evening. As Bob Burg would say, Scott is a “Go Giver.” Others would say you are a “mensch.”

Scott, you are very talented and have pursued your technology passion. Along the way, you have helped so many others in your school and community. I look forward to seeing where this passion leads you, as well as your continuing to encourage me to try, and adopt, new technology. Because of you, our family is stronger, I have developed great business and personal relationships, and my clients and my firm have benefited. Thank you!

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