Financial planning: 15 Minutes to Live (Day 1)

This is my first post of the @projectdomino writer’s challenge.This a challenge for bloggers and writers to post for 30 consecutive days, beginning on May 31. I will receive a prompt, or idea, from them each day, which may be the basis for that day’s post.  For more information on this, see my first post on May 31, 2011.

The prompt: I just discovered I have 15 minutes to live. (and 15 minutes to write)

Fortunately, this is purely hypothetical.

Obviously, my first thought is of my family, relatives and friends. I am secure knowing that my children will be well taken care of. I am comforted that I have planned properly, I have adequate life insurance and estate planning documents which are in place, so they will be OK financially. I’m glad that I have practiced what I have preached to my clients.

I have left my children with a legacy of good values and have been privileged to have shared with them many wonderful life experiences. I have been very actively involved in many charitable organizations, and those institutions will benefit in the future from both the time that I have spent being a leader, as well as the legacy gifts that are part of my estate plan.

In terms of my business, I am again comforted to know that my clients will be well taken care of by my wonderful partner, Keith Rybak, as well as our collaborative partners, BAM Advisor Services and DFA mutual funds. As Keith and I meet with clients together, he knows them well. My clients will benefit from that consistent practice that we have adhered to.

As importantly, all of our clients have written Investment Policy Statements, so their goals and investment allocations are clearly documented, and not just in my head. There should be no need for any sudden changes due to this hypothetical event.

I am further comforted by knowing that I have provided good, long term investment planning for my clients, and they will be financially secure if they continue to adhere to the philosophies we have in place.

If this was real, and fortunately it is not, I would feel that I have been very fortunate to have had a wonderful family, I have left my children with a better life than I started with, that I was able to travel and grow a business. I have regrets. We all would at a time like this. I have made mistakes. I am very human. And I didn’t get to see Michigan in the Rose Bowl.  I will now get to discuss with Bo the concept of “Those Who Stay Will Be Champions.” 

As this is not real, I will continue to pursue my goals, and continue to champion my values and pursuits.


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