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This has been a very meaningful and eventful Thanksgiving and subsequent week, for our firm, in our personal lives.

Keith’s wife Ann had their 5th child on Thursday morning, December 2nd.  They had a very healthy beautiful girl, Olivia Brooklyn, to join her older four brothers. We congratulate Keith and Ann on the new addition to their family! They are all doing very well.

My daughter celebrated her Bat Mitzvah on Saturday of Thanksgiving weekend. This was a very meaningful and wonderful event, which I was fortunate to share with my entire extended family and friends. My daughter was incredible, and she made her entire family very proud of her accomplishments. She is an inspiration to all of us.

It is events like these that give us reasons to reflect on what is truly important in life and be thankful… for our family, our personal  and business relationships and for good health.

While we work with our clients regarding their money, we truly hope that our ability to be successful enables them to reach, enjoy and celebrate many wonderful family milestones.

As I said on Sunday, we are all very fortunate!

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