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With the great assistance of my son, and others, I’ve tried to adopt and learn about new technologies, including what is referred to as “social media” (which is what this blog is). This can be a great way for us to communicate our thoughts to clients and others in the community.

In addition to blogging, I’ve begun to post thoughts on Twitter, over the past month or so. Many people post multiple times a day and include all kinds of personal information. That is not my intent. I’ve tried to write selectively, as a way to quickly inform others of financial information or present our investment philosophy in quick bits.

For those of you unfamiliar to Twitter, each post can only be 140 characters. As I enjoy writing, it is actually a unique challenge to say something meaningful in that short space.

What follows is a sample of some of my Twitter thoughts. If you want to follow me, my “Twitter” name is “wassermanwealth.”

Recession ended in June 2009. Announced today, 15 months later, by Natl Bureau of Econ Research. Very timely. And stock market soars. Logic? (9/20/10)

Recession ended 6/09. More evidence of why you cannot predict the future, or rely on those predictions for your investment strategy. (9/20/10)

One day interest rates will rise. Then, bond prices will fall. Bond funds will get hit hard. We have a different strategy. Are you prepared? (9/16/10)

Financial risk and return are related. The greater potential return, greater the risk. How much risk do you need to take? Do you know? (9/16/10)

With uncertainty & media pessimism, stock markets up in 3rd Qtr. That’s importance of remaining disciplined & sticking to investment plan (9/15/10)

Are you focused on positive or negative? Looking LT or ST? Warren Buffett, Monday:”This country works. The best is yet to come.” Retail sales+ (9/14/10)

US National Debt almost $14 Trillion. That is $155,000+ per US family. Congr Bud Office says 2020 largest budget item will be interest pmts (9/13/10)

WSJ survey of top schools 25 for recruiting: 6 are in Big Ten. Univ of Michigan # 5 with #1 Business School, # 6 Engineering. ((9/13/10)

Warren Buffet turns 80 today. For his investing success and then charitable giving to Gates Fdn, he will impact the world for generations. (8/30/10)

Before today, all US asset classes were negative for 2010. Could you have predicted which one was positive? with a double digit increase? (8/27/10)

Only US asset class with positive 2010 returns is real estate. Evidence that you cannot predict markets. Re-emphasizes our philosophy. (8/27/10)

If Congress does not act by 12/31, LT cap gains rates increase 15 to 20% and dividends become ordinary, meaning from 15% to as high as 39.6% (8/26/10)

Morningstar study confirms that lower a mutual fund’s cost, greater likelihood of it’s success. This has been one of our core beliefs. (8/26/10)

Stocks down in June. Up in July. Down in Aug. Does it affect your LT goals? In 5, 10 years will you remember? Do you have solid foundation? (8/25/10)

Volatility of past months is reminder that no one can predict market moves. So plan and focus on long term. Key to success is discipline. (8/25/10)

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