One Small Act and A Great DVD (and more)

Sometimes small acts can have a huge impact. We never know what tomorrow will bring… or will lead to.

I have read Jason Womack’s blog for many years. He is an executive coach based in California and works with people and organizations to improve their productivity. (See his blog at After I sent him an email, thanking him for one of his blog post’s which really hit home, he sent me a complimentary copy of his DVD, Making Things Possible, 15 Tips for Time Management.

A colleague once told me, if you attend a seminar and get one good idea, then it was worth attending. With Jason, he packs way more than one good idea into this DVD. Almost every idea is applicable to your work and personal life, or leads you to think how you could take his concepts and apply them in another manner. His recommendations on handling emails and Outlook are particularly helpful.

I highly recommend the DVD, though it was produced a few years ago, and thus is not completely current (for example, it is pre-iPhone and apps). Jason’s enthusiasm for life and lessons on goal setting and personal productivity are worth pursuing and learning from. You can read his website and blog, get the DVD or other materials and programs that he has developed, as well as follow him on Twitter.

Jason has motivated and inspired me (and we have never even talked or met). Just because I took a few minutes and sent him an email thank you note, and he responded by thanking me with a DVD, a number of positive things have occurred. I should also mention that he sent me a thank you note, via traditional mail, as a thanks just for my initial email to him. That alone had an impact!

There is more than one lesson, and a worthwhile DVD, here.

One small act, on each of our parts, has led to much greater things. Something to consider….

For more information about Jason Womack, see As noted above, as full disclosure, I received the DVD on a complimentary basis.

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