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On Thursday February 4th, Brad spoke about Roth IRA conversions for the Institute of Continuing Legal Education (ICLE), before approximately 200 attorneys and another 100 who watched via a live webcast. ICLE, an affiliate of law schools in Michigan, primarily the University of Michigan Law School, provides continuing legal education to attorneys throughout Michigan. The seminar will be rebroadcast throughout the State during February and March.

Based on our background as investment advisors and CPAs, we are uniquely qualified to provide guidance and creative planning opportunities for Roth IRA conversions. See our separate blog post regarding Roth IRA conversions or contact us for more information.

Keith recently attended a 2 day seminar in Arizona with advisors that we are affiliated with on a national basis, as part of our affiliation with BAM Advisor Services, our “back office” firm which supports approximately 120 wealth management firms, which together manage approximately $10 billion.

Keith’s seminar focused on estate planning with a nationally recognized estate planning attorney, as well as sessions with top executives from Dimensional Fund Advisors (DFA) and economists.

Both Brad and Keith participate in these peer groups throughout the year, which focus on exchanging best practices and advice with advisors who share our investment and wealth management philosophy. These peer groups also talk bi-weekly or monthly throughout the year, to discuss various topics and ideas, and meet in person at least twice a year.

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