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Note: These titled posts (“Resources and Reading“) are intended to be informative and helpful, of items I have read or seen. I am not taking political positions, just providing the reference to something I’ve seen that I consider worthwhile, about the current affairs of our country and the world, which you may find informative or helpful.

Tom Friedman, New York Times: He has been traveling in Pakistan, Afghanistan and near Iran in recent weeks. His series of articles on these experiences have been clear, short and highly informative articles about what is going in in those parts of the world. Very valuable reading. Columns dated from around July 20th – ? (he is still in that area).

Health Care Reform: status changes daily, so I have not posted about this or the tax implications, as they would be outdated within a day of the post. However, for a timely explanation of the current status/stalemate, see Paul Krugman in NY Times (7/27/09) and Robert J. Samuelson in the Washington Post (7/27/09). Krugman is clearly a liberal and in favor of reform of some type. His article I cited is a good update on the current status of the Democratic party in-fighting.

Spotted in Sports Illustrated, 7/27/09, page 16: “In an ad on the (Detroit) Lions’ website for streaming video of old games, fans of the team, which went 0-16 last year, were exhorted to RELIVE THE 2008 SEASON.” Why??

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