Have a Kindle Day!

Today, the Amazon Kindle 2 was announced. Last spring, I received as a gift the first version of Amazon’s electronic book reader, Kindle. The second version appears to be only an incremental improvement of the first version of the Kindle, which is already a terrific technological accomplishment.

For those of you who are serious readers, the Kindle is a great device. I am able to carry many books (it can store hundreds), emailed documents and articles, and magazines all in a device that is smaller than most paperback books. You are able to read it without any glare or problems that come with reading a computer screen. It is very readable, inside or outside, even on a beach in the sun. The cost to download most books is $9.99 and is done in under a minute, from practically anywhere in the U.S. The text size is easily changeable, so it is great for those whose vision is declining.

If you ever want to see it, just let me know. And unfortunately, I don’t receive any commissions from Amazon.

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