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Blog post #402 How much is enough? How much money do you need, to have “enough”? How much money do you need to support your standard of living? How much money do you need to maintain your lifestyle, shop, travel, enjoy yourself, pay for medical expenses, support charitable causes you value….as well as provide financial […]

Freedom and opportunity

Blog post #401 As we celebrate the long 4th of July weekend, we should be thankful for the freedom and opportunities which we have in our country. We should be proud about many aspects of the US and our history.  However, like most other countries, companies, institutions and individuals, our country has room for improvement. […]

Market update – June 2019

Blog post #397 We always advise you to focus on the long-term and today is no different. Years from now, the market moves of the past 6 weeks or few months will not be remembered and will likely be irrelevant to your long-term financial future. However, at times it is important to review what has […]